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YP C.U.L.T - Fulbright Association

Events | Young Professionals

For this month’s CULT event, we’re featuring the Fulbright Association’s Portland Chapter. It will be an evening of fun sharing your international stories and making new friends at Base Camp Brewing.

The World Affairs Council of Oregon has a history of partnering with the Fulbright Program and welcomes an international delegation of Fulbright Scholars to Portland each year. This social event will be a great way to learn more about the Fulbright Association.


The Fulbright Association continues the Fulbright Program international exchange experience by promoting opportunities for life-long learning, collaborative networking, and service at home and abroad for alumni, supporters and friends of the Fulbright program.

CULT, A text-speak acronym for "C U Last Tuesday", is a new, monthly program put on by the Young Professionals of the World Affairs Council. The content and format of the event changes from month to month, but what doesn't vary is the promise to entertain, educate and broaden your horizons. So, invite your friends and we will see you on the last Tuesday of April. Please register at the link below.

Hosted by Spiretech