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YP Discussion Group - Elections in Burundi and Rwanda

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Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza won a disputed election last month winning a controversial third term.  Violence has broken out across the country which has created a refugee crisis in the region.  All of this has occurred while neighboring Rwanda decides whether to alter the constitution to allow President Kagame to seek a third term.  Supporters point to Rwanda's incredible recent development record while detractors worry that his authoritarian tendencies may worsen.  How should Rwanda proceed?  Is there any way to stem the violence in Burundi in the short term?  Given the West's negative history in the region, what role can Western governments play? Join the Young Professionals this week for discussion.

New to Discussion Group?  This is an informal affair, no registration required.  Simply come ready to listen and discuss. Our normal table at Green Dragon is in the room off to the right when you walk in. Send questions to jeffatworldoregon [dot] org.

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