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Cultural Visitors | Fri, 09/19/2014 - Tue, 09/30/2014

Youth Ambassadors Program with South America

14 visitorsEcuador

Twelve teen leaders from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru will be in Oregon from September 19-30, for a youth leadership program focusing on diversity and human rights.

Homestay host families provide a bed, breakfast and dinner, transportation to and from the Council’s downtown office during program days, and an American home experience.  Weekdays the visitors will visit youth groups, meet with civic leaders, attend workshops, and complete a project on civic engagement.  The World Affairs Council provides lunches, cultural events, transportation to meetings and appointments, and a recreational activity one day each weekend.

The visiting participants are 15-17 years old and are selected based on academic performance, community involvement, and English language proficiency.  To ensure participants learn about Portland teen life throughout their time here, we ask that each family also have a high school-age host sibling.  Host siblings will be able to participate in some program activities, and all cultural and recreational activities.  This is a great opportunity to learn both about teen life in South America and how young people can make a difference right here in Portland.

In addition to the twelve student participants, two adult chaperones will be traveling with the program.  We are looking for homestay hosts for these two adult visitors as well.  

Learn for yourself how much fun it can be to host an international visitor.

To apply please fill out the attached hosting application.  For more information contact Andrew Neal at (503) 306-5216.

Community members can participate with this group in the following ways:

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