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Join us for an International Visitor Mixer featuring 12 Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Fellows from Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Grenada, and Venezuela.

Come get to know the 2021 YLAI Fellows as they share about their work and their businesses, followed by time for questions.

This year's Fellows are: 

Alonso Alves Pereira Neto (Brazil)  

As a Chief Purpose Officer of Social Bank, Alonso Neto has experience in innovation, creativity, group facilitation, community building, new management models and social impact. During the fellowship, Alonso aims to learn about digital payments and technology, innovation ecosystem leadership and people management in start-ups. Upon returning to Brazil, Alonso plans to increase his impact and social leadership by including people in the financial system, developing a new model of organizational culture, and mobilizing the innovation ecosystem in welcoming and including Venezuelan refugees in Brazil and the Americas.   

Boris Jose Blanco Paz (El Salvador)  

As a Founder and General Manager for Family Mart, Boris Blanco has experience in managing the supply chain to ensure the health of key associations with providers and delivering operational results to support sales objectives. During the fellowship, Boris aims to learn how to promote sales and increase revenue to strengthen his financial profile. He is also interested in developing a solid strategy that is mindful of global trends so he can have a social impact regionally through skilled use of innovation. Upon returning to El Salvador, Boris plans to embrace the challenge of being a game-changer, leading the way to make his surroundings a better place to live and work for his stakeholders as he grows the business sustainably in the years to come.   

Deleen Patrice Elizabeth Powell (Jamaica)  

As a Co-owner, Director, and Secretary for Newman Farms, Deleen Powell has experience in agricultural production, marketing and the development and execution of corporate social responsibility programs. During the fellowship, Deleen aims to learn about securing grant funding for entrepreneurial pursuits, streamlining the operations of a small to medium-sized enterprises, and using traditional and non-traditional media to raise awareness about opportunities in the field of agriculture. Upon returning to Jamaica, Deleen plans to develop a program to facilitate school tours for primary and secondary school students to pique their interest in agriculture. She also plans to develop an agricultural blog that will act as a how-to guide for Jamaicans seeking to enter into farming, particularly rearing pigs.   

Denny Jerry Cronneit (Grenada)  

As the Manager and Designer of Cronneit’s Forest Bows, Denny Cronneit has experience in leadership skills to advance the company’s strategic objectives. During the fellowship, Denny aims to learn managerial skills, record keeping, and develop a broader perspective of networking. Upon returning to Grenada, Denny plans to expand his business by employing a few more workers and presenting workshops in his community on entrepreneurship, primarily through the local schools.  

Gustavo Trindade Valio (Brazil)  

As the Founder of Manish, Gustavo Trindade Valio has experience in engineering innovation and team leadership. During the fellowship, Gustavo aims to learn about law and policy, partnership strategies, and marketing as it relates to innovative medical devices. Upon returning to Brazil, Gustavo plans to work together with a partner to start production, implement a marketing strategy, and launch the sale of his new device.   

Jennifer Alioska Martinez Romero (Nicaragua)  

As the founder of Somos D´aka and Chinandega, Martínez has experience in leading marketing campaigns, sales, and customer service. During the fellowship, Martínez aims to learn about social media, graphic design, clothing and fashion enterprises. Upon returning to Nicaragua, she plans to improve her organization’s social media campaigns and improve its sales at a 40% rate using social media.   

Maria Belen Mora Hidalgo (Ecuador)  

As Co-Founder and President of FIIDES (Foundation of International Exchange for Development), Belen Mora has experience in international exchange programs, team leading and facilitation for national and international groups. During the fellowship, Belen aims to learn how to reach different international networks that allow her organization to grow in the number of participants that recruit in Ecuador and abroad. Belen aims to know more about the exchange programs dynamic in USA in order to develop a partnership strategy and have a more effective outreach strategy for her potential audience. Upon returning to Ecuador, Belen plans to lead a strategic partnership and sales campaign, to increase the number of participants in her organization.   

Mario Francisco Idrovo Rodriguez (Ecuador)  

As an Executive Director for HUMA Coffee, Mario Idrovo has experience in Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain. During the fellowship, Mario Idrovo aims to learn about finance, leadership and innovation. Upon returning to Ecuador, Mario plans to make his business grow in order to contribute to society, create jobs and strengthen the specialty coffee supply chain in Ecuador.   

Omar Antonio Vidal Matos (Dominican Republic)  

As a CEO for Omar Vidal Photography & Films, Omar Vidal has experience in professional photography, digital retouching, filming, and graphic design. During the fellowship, Omar aims to learn about business entrepreneurship, finance management, branding, and marketing. Upon returning to the Dominican Republic, Omar plans to continue improving his business and financial skills to develop his business to a higher level and contribute to his community with any professional help and knowledge possible.     

Raul Eduardo Gonzalez Acuna (Venezuela)  

As a CEO & Founder of Easy Clean Water, Raul Gonzalez has experience in business modeling and strategizing under adverse economy conditions. During the fellowship, Raul aims to learn about innovation companies' expansion, their financial opportunities, and the best up-to-date social impact strategies in developing countries. Upon returning to Venezuela, Raul plans to apply the acquired knowledge to his solar water purification technology, both in business and social approaches, increasing his water-plant's customer base and scaling the R&D division, while empowering and promoting local entrepreneurs with the latest market opportunities.    

Sara Nusta Lozano Chalan (Ecuador)  

As a General Manager for Inti Wasi Cultural Tourist Center, Sara Lozano has experience in marketing, sales, personnel management, finance, and customer support. During the fellowship, Sara aims to learn about marketing, administration, and add to her financial management skills. She looks forward to sharing life experiences with successful entrepreneurs and improving her English while in the US. Upon her return to Ecuador, Sara plans to create a program to motivate entrepreneurs, foster leadership in her community, and support the economic development of the Saraguro canton, as she works in tourism.   

Valeria Estefany Zarate Vargas (Bolivia)  

As a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of ASIRI Bolivian Handbags and Leather Goods, Valeria Estefany has experience in developing procedures in the production of contemporary handcrafted accessories and ensuring that all operations align with their business objectives. During the fellowship, Valeria Estefany aims to learn how to improve production procedures, make them shorter, and implement new development strategies to expand the business into new markets. Upon returning to Bolivia, Valeria Estefany plans to improve production procedures and implement an effective marketing plan, expanding the company’s reach into new international markets.  


The Fellows are currently placed in the following businesses in the Portland metro and across the nation while WorldOregon provides supplemental learning, networking, and cultural activities:

  • Carpe Mundi
  • Connecting Dots Globally
  • First Nature Tours
  • Glad Rags
  • Growing Gardens
  • Industrial Service Solutions
  • Masa Fresh
  • Nossa Familia Coffee
  • Polara Studio
  • Stove Team International
  • Unitus Community Credit Union
  • Vivacity Sportswear


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March 11, 2021 at 12:00pm - 2pm PST

International Visitor Mixer with the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

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