Joseph DiCarlo

Global Ambassador, Medical Teams International


I support WorldOregon because I strongly believe in cross-cultural, cross-national dialogue and learning. Understanding diverse issues in our complex world expands our sense of ‘neighbor’ which compels us to action.
A favorite place to be: The Oregon coast. I love the beauty and perspective I receive from being at the coast. My mind is revived by the scenery; my spirit is restored by the touch of the wind and the sound of the waves. My emotional, physical, spiritual and social well-being are strengthened.
My true calling is to assist my ‘neighbor’. To me, a neighbor is not simply someone who shares a house property border, but rather as a citizen of the world community, a neighbor is anyone in the world in need. My call is not to look away from those suffering, but rather to be compelled by compassion and called to action. We can all contribute to relieving suffering. Together we can turn impossible challenges into solvable solutions.
I am most proud of my children. My wife and I have 2 sons and a daughter in their early thirties. They are all on their individual unique life journeys. We support them as they find their own directions in life.

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