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STEVE LEVINE | The Power & The Glory: Geopolitics and the Future of Energy

Energy is the elixir for future economic growth.Where it comes from, who controls it,where it goes, who consumes it, and how it gets there—these are perennial questions for the energy sector. How will we ride out a shifting energy map, geopolitical developments in Russia/Ukraine and the Middle East, and the dramatic eastward shift in energy consumption in China/India? Could innovations like a super battery be the game-changer some say? Will the domestic shale revolution bring energy independence? What comes first? Regulation or technological breakthrough? The Pacific Northwest stands squarely between Asian energy markets and large fossil fuel deposits in the interior of North America - and squarely within the debates facing the industry. Within the wild-card mix of revolutions and innovations, how will we manage priorities between strengthening the country's (and this region's) economy, bolstering security, and protecting the environment? Join us for this hard look at the volatile and uncertain landscape of energy's future with Steve LeVine, one of our leading thinkers on the intersection of energy, technology, and geopolitics.


Steve LeVine is Washington Correspondent for Quartz, and was a foreign correspondent for 18 years in the former Soviet Union, Pakistan and the Philippines, running a bureau for The Wall Street Journal. LeVine is the author of The Oil and the Glory, and The Powerhouse, on the quest for the super-battery that could change the face of global energy.  


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