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Great Decisions
Fri, 01/25/2013

Great Decisions 2013: Egypt (January 25) - Dr. Thomas Bartlett

The popular revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in 2011 ushered in the promise of radical change. Two years later, what is the state of Egyptian democracy? How will the military and the civilian government balance power? Watch Video ››

Teach the World
Mon, 01/21/2013

Teach Latin America - Kofi Agorsah

Great Decisions
Fri, 01/18/2013

Great Decisions 2013: The Future of the Euro (January 18) - Birol Yesilada

How did the 2008 global recession contribute to the development of the euro crisis? The health of the euro affects and is affected by the state of the global economy. How can European Union leaders prevent the collapse of the common currency? Speaker: Birol Yesilada, Portland State University Watch Video ››

Headline and Cultural Forums
Tue, 09/11/2012

Obama & Iran-Between War, Sanctions and Diplomacy

Only twelve minutes into his presidency, Barack Obama reached out to the Muslim world and Iran, offering America’s hand of friendship if Iran would in turn unclench its fist. Yet three years later, we are closer to war than we were in the last years of the Bush administration. How did we get here? Watch Video ››

International Speaker Series
Fri, 04/13/2012

Amartya Sen: Economics, Ethics and Justice

Nobel-Prize winning economist Amartya Sen presents a talk on "Economics, Ethics & Justice" as part of the World Affairs Council of Oregon's 2012 International Speaker Series, March 11, 2012 in Portland. Watch Video ››

International Speaker Series
Fri, 04/13/2012

David Brooks: Inside the American Mind

NY Times Columnist and NPR commentator David Brooks presents a talk, "Inside the American Mind," as part of the 2012 International Speaker Series, March 27, 2012 in Portland. Watch Video ››

Great Decisions
Fri, 03/02/2012

Exit from Afghanistan & Iraq

Ten years after September 11, 2001, the U.S. is winding down its military commitment in Iraq and slowly pulling out of Afghanistan. What exit strategy will help build stable democratic nations? How can the U.S. continue to achieve its counterterrorism goals? What is the role of the U.S. in the future of the Middle East? Watch Video ››

Great Decisions
Fri, 02/24/2012

Middle East Realignment

The popular revolts and upheaval of the Arab Spring have radically changed the face of the Middle East. What lies ahead for the region’s transition to democracy? What are the prospects for the governments that have held out in this new order? How will the U.S. recalibrate its relations with the new regimes? Watch Video ››

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