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Join us for a timely conversation about how international trade for small businesses has been affected - temporarily or for the foreseeable future - with the pandemic. Topics will include exports, foreign direct investment, and steps taken by small businesses in Oregon to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. The program will be moderated by Scott Goddin, former Director of the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Portland, and will include as panelists:

  • Maria Isabel Ellis, Executive Director of the Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA)
  • Edgar Navas, CEO, CILQA Digital, Inc.
  • Caroline Lewis, Managing Partner of Rogue Women's Fund for Rogue Venture Partners

Presented in observance of Oregon's World Trade Week



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May 19, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1pm PST

Navigating International Trade & Export in the time of COVID-19

via Zoom
Contact: Tim DuRoche ·

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