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Wed, 09/20/2017

Time flies, rates rise! Renew or join now to take advantage of current membership rates.

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Support a more global future in Oregon by joining for the first time, renewing, or extending your annual membership before rates increase on October 15th, 2017!

Q: Why are membership rates changing?

• Our membership rates haven’t increased for well over a decade—and it’s time to catch up with today's costs in order to sustain our impact!
• In order to simplify, we are offering just one basic individual membership type, which will consolidate and replace Retired Individual, Teacher, Student, and Young Professional memberships. (We're keeping our new basic membership affordable—starting at just $5 per month!)
• We rely on members like you to support our global programs and ensure the future of our work. Please know your increased support is essential!
• We are launching a new website in the coming weeks, which will make it easier for to manage your membership—even from your cell phone!

Q: Why should I become a member?

When you join the World Affairs Council of Oregon, you...

Belong to a community of thousands of globally-minded individuals, schools, and businesses who share a passion for the world—including council members across the country from DC to Seattle 

Increase the impact of your financial contribution, by joining resources with others who support our valuable global programs

Enjoy membership thank-you perks: discounted event tickets, media subscriptions, and members-only happenings in Oregon and worldwide

Q: What will the new membership rates be?

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