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Wed, 03/18/2015 - 10:30am

Making a Difference, Transforming Lives: A Path Appears, with Nicholas Kristof—Online Video Now Available

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If you missed Nicholas Kristof's inspiring talk on Martin Luther King Jr. Day--Making a Difference, Transforming Lives: A Path Appears--you can now view the video recording from the evening.

In his characteristically warm and engaging manner, Kristof takes us to the frontlines of social change, at home and across the globe, highlighting everyday people who are creating opportunity and transforming lives. If you have ever wanted to "make a difference" yourself, but faced with an overwhelming array of complex global issues and an equally overwhelming number of charitable causes and organizations, didn't know "how?" this is one talk that will help you get on track to taking the action and making the change you envision. Click here for video >>

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