Niels Marquardt

U.S. Ambassador, Retired, Diplomat in Residence, Lewis & Clark College

I support WorldOregon because it is the most effective local organization advancing Oregon's place in the world.

My true calling here in Portland seems to be connecting people in far-flung places to one another, to collaborate on conservation, education, business, diplomacy, and other vital pursuits that will save and improve our planet.

I am most proud of the family of engaged global citizens that Judi and I raised.  Spread across the globe from Doha to Sydney to Tampa, our four daughters embody what is best about coming generations and their deep commitment to doing right.  

Why Oregon means the world to me: We had a wide-open choice of places to move after our decades abroad, and we chose Oregon -- for its special blend of unsurpassed nature, commitment to sustainable, good living, openness to the outside world, and the room to grow here. 

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