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Educational resources

Educational resources


Click here for a complete list of downloadable resources, including current Culture Box availability.



2014 International Speakers Series Classroom Resources

Dive into the background and explore questions about the four women presenters of the 2014 International Speakers Series: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Khalida Brohi, Leymah Gbowee, and Hung Huang. 
Download the Women Changing the World resource guide.
Download the Hillary Rodham Clinton resource guide.
Download the Khalida Brohi resource guide.
Download the Leymah Gbowee resource guide.
Download the Hung Huang resource guide.

Global Issues Resources

A collection of resources providing background information on six pressing issues the world is facing today. 

Arab Spring Education Resources 
This collection of education resources provides background on recent unrest in the Middle East and information on the role of art, technology, and youth during the Arab Spring protests. It includes full lesson plans as well as individual resources. Download.

European Union Education Resources 
This collection of education resources looks at the historic formation of the EU as well as current issues, such as the Eurozone Crisis, and the challenges ahead for an expanded union. Download.

Global Economic Crisis Resources 
How did it happen? These lesson plans and individual resources explore the causes, the repercussions, and the personal impact of the 2008 global economic crisis. Download.

Post-Soviet World Resources
This collection of lesson plans and education resources examines the ongoing political and economic evolution of the post-Soviet world, 20 years after the collapse of the USSR. Download.

Climate Change Education Resources 
What does climate change really mean? These lesson plans and resources investigate the impact of global warming on our health, food and water supply, and world politics. From science fiction stories to temperature graphs, these resources are multidisciplinary. Download.

War on Terror Education Resources 
What does it mean to be a terrorist, and how do you fight terrorism? These resources and lessons explore the historical context of terrorism, its origins, and America’s longest war. Download.


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