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Eric Schmitt

 Eric Schmitt

Eric Schmitt is a senior writer for The New York Times covering domestic and international terrorism issues, and military and national security affairs. Since 9/11, he has made 10 reporting trips to Iraq and five trips to Afghanistan to cover American military operations. Mr. Schmitt has shared two Pulitzer Prizes—for coverage of the transfer of sensitive military technology to China and for coverage of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Eric Schmitt | Counterstrike

Eric Schmitt

Eric Schmitt | CounterstrikeIn Counterstrike, Eric Schmitt tells the story of how a group of analysts within the military, at spy agencies, and in law enforcement fashioned an innovative and effective new strategy to fight terrorism, unbeknownst to most Americans and in sharp contrast to the U.S. government’s above-ground, public “war on terror.” Read More ››

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