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Nawzad Othman

CEO of The Othman Group; founder and former CEO of Otak; Chair, Board of Trustees, World Affairs Council of Oregon
 Nawzad  Othman

Nawzad Othman was born in Ebril into a Kurdish family with deep connections to the history and evolution of the Kurdistan region. Nawzad emigrated to the US when he was 18. Nawzad earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from South Dakota State University; and his Master of Urban and Regional Studies from Mankato State University and gained considerable experience as a transportation engineer, bridge and airport design engineer in the Midwest and Oregon, including serving as director of Public Works and Planning for the City of Lake Oswego before striking out on his own.

Nawzad cofounded Otak, Inc., in 1981, one of Oregon’s largest and most respected architecture and engineering firms, with over 300 employees in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and Abu Dhabi, UAE and served as CEO of the company for 30 years until his retirement this year. Under Nawzad’s leadership, the firm developed a reputation for excellence in smart growth planning, sustainable design and  development, and innovative transportation solutions. In 2012, Nawzad created The Othman Group to assist clients in the Pacific Northwest and the Middle East with business strategies, investment opportunities and sustainable practices. The firm’s associates work from offices in Portland, Oregon, Erbil, Iraq, and Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates.

His father Ahmed Uthman was the first governor of Erbil after independence and his portrait continues to hang today in the “ Saray “ of the present governor. His father was also the first Kurd to become a senator in Baghdad in 1929.

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Tue, 09/08/2015

Nawzad Othman: Agony & Hope in the Middle East

Nawzad Othman discusses recent developments in the Middle East on September 8, 2015 at the World Affairs Council of Oregon. Watch Video ››

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Nawzad Othman

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Agony & Hope in the Middle East

Nawzad Othman

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What's the Deal? The Road Ahead for Iran, the U.S. & the Gulf Region

Jessica Tuchman Mathews
Ambassador William H. Luers
Nawzad Othman

What's the Deal? The Road Ahead for Iran, the U.S. & the Gulf RegionWhat lays ahead on the diplomatic horizon between the U.S. and Iran? Join Jessica Tuchman Mathews, former President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, former Ambassador William H. Luers, Director of the Iran Project, and past WAC board chair Nawzad Othman as they delve into this landmark, critical geopolitical topic. Read More ››

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