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Paul Collier

Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Study of African Economies, Oxford University
 Paul Collier

Paul Collier is a Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University. He specializes in the political economy of democracy, economic growth in Africa, aid, globalization, poverty, and the economics of civil war. From April 1998 to April 2003, he was the director of development research at the World Bank and has been the advisor to the British government's Commission on Africa. Collier is considered one of the big thinkers on development, and his work exploring the nexus of politics, poverty, and economics (and now natural resources) has been called arresting, provocative, engaging and penetrating.

He is the author of several previous books including Wars, Guns and Votes (2009) and The Bottom Billion (2007) which won both the Council on Foreign Relations Arthur Ross Book Award and the Economist's Gelder Prize for best nonfiction book.

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The Plundered Planet

Paul Collier

In his new book, The Plundered Planet, noted development economist Paul Collier argues that our mismanagement of natural resources is making life ever worse for the world’s poorest people - the bottom billion. Read More ››

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