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Ryan Neil

International Bonsai Mirai
 Ryan Neil

Ryan Neil’s development in bonsai began long before he made the commitment to a life with little trees. Born and raised in Colorado, Ryan spent his youth amidst the fantastic array of tortured and stunted trees that give the Rocky Mountains their splendid character. It wasn’t until Ryan was in high school that he found bonsai, but his passion for the art grew and led him to California. There he obtained an education in horticulture and met Mr. Ben Oki, who was the catalyst for organizing Ryan’s apprenticeship with world renowned master Mr. Masahiko Kimura.


Six years after stepping into the shoes of a bonsai apprentice, Ryan is now a bonsai professional pursuing excellence in the art throughout the United States and abroad. His travels have taken him as far as Europe and Asia. However, Ryan quickly contests his most ambitious endeavors remain within the United States.
The Western world has yet to realize its full potential in the art of bonsai. Through the coordinated efforts of respected professionals, dedicated enthusiasts, and like-minded groups and organizations Ryan hopes to achieve a bonsai community capable of self sufficiency. Only then will western bonsai truly be able to represent itself and give voice to the amazing species and trees which characterize our culture.

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Ryan Neil

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