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William Bernstein

Author, A Splendid Exchange
 William Bernstein

A financial theorist and economic historian, William Bernstein is the author of several previous books, including The Intelligent Asset Allocator and The Birth of Plenty. Writing in Foreign Policy, Yale historian, Paul Kennedy, praised Bernstein for his rare ability “to make connections between events over centuries” and “make sense of the broad sweep of history.” A Splendid Exchange was short-listed for the prestigious Financial Times Goldman Sachs Business book of the year in 2008.

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How Trade Transformed the World

William Bernstein
Headline and Cultural Forums

Masters of the Word: How Media Shaped History

William Bernstein

Masters of the Word: How Media Shaped HistoryBernstein (author of "A Splendid Exchange," an Economist and Financial Times Best Book of the Year) explores how new communication technologies from the clay tablet and the printing press to the radio, photocopier, and internet have impacted history. Read More ››

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