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Questions from the audience are one of the most engaging and lively parts of our public programs. All those in attendance have the opportunity to submit a question on the evening of the program. You can also submit your question in advance using the form below.

Of course, not all questions submitted, online or at the event, can be read at the program. Tips for submitting a "winning" question: be succinct; strive for clarity of expression; making the question relevant to the subject matter of the talk.  We look forward to reading all your questions!

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Q: Why can't I buy my tickets from the World Affairs Council of Oregon office like I did before? 
A: In an effort to maximize supporter impact, we are turning over the ticket process to the ticket experts. This allows us to continue focusing on what we do best: engaging Oregonians with international visitors, global education, and thought-provoking events! Portland'5 ticketing team is happy to provide excellent service and assistance to our community. 
Q: I want the same reserved seats that I had last year!
A: The bad news is that we can no longer guarantee your exact seats from last year. The good news is that by using the technology of Portland’5’s ticketing website, you are able to look at a seat chart and choose your favorite available seats. Seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so reserve your spot soon!
Q: If I have purchased tickets but am unable to attend, can I return my tickets as a donation in-kind to the World Affairs Council of Oregon? 
A: If you are unable to use your ticket, we encourage you to find a friend who can attend in your place. We appreciate your generosity, however we cannot issue refunds and we cannot accept returned tickets as donations in-kind. 
Q: Why are tickets so expensive?
A: Your ticket purchase helps support the mission of the World Affairs Council of Oregon. Our programs help bring global education to local youth, and provide opportunities for international visitors to exchange knowledge and expertise. Our tickets are priced competitively for similar events and venue. We also have a limited number of low-cost and free tickets available for qualifying individuals.
Q: Do I qualify for a discount?
A: Members receive a 10% discount on most tickets. When you become a member you will receive a discount code with your receipt. While every effort is made to keep ticket prices affordable, we realize that the cost may be prohibitive for some people. In an effort to make tickets more accessible, we have scholarship tickets available. If you'd like to be considered for scholarship tickets, please contact the World Affairs Council at (503) 306-5252 or communityatworldoregon [dot] org   
Additionally, the World Affairs Council of Oregon is a proud participating member of Arts for All. Anyone who receives food stamps (SNAP) and has the Oregon Trail Card is eligible to purchase individual International Speaker Series tickets for $5. Please note: Purchases are available on the day of Series events and limited to two tickets per cardholder. You must show your Oregon Trail Card at the time of purchase and pay with cash or credit card. SNAP credit on the Oregon Trail Card cannot be used to buy tickets. 
Q: Is my ticket purchase tax-deductible?
A: A portion of your ticket price may be tax-deductible depending on your ticket price. You may request tax information and a printed receipt. The World Affairs Council is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to broadening public understanding of international affairs and connecting Oregonians to the world.

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