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Culture box contributions

Culture box contributions

Our culture boxes are brimming with maps, lessons, and hands-on treasures from musical instruments and traditional clothes to toys, games, and easily-transportable props. We rely on the generosity of our members and friends to help us compile a diverse and exciting array of materials to inspire and educate students.

Please keep our culture boxes in mind as you travel and consider enriching the experience of students by contributing items that express the unique art and daily life of the countries you visit. 

Ideas for culture box contributions:
Print & reference materials: books, magazines, newspapers, fliers, brochures, maps, charts, etc.
Audio-visual resources: audio tapes, CDs, videos, DVDs, etc.

Hands-on items in the following categories:
Daily life: traditional clothing, toys and games, cooking utensils, food samples, home furnishings, examples of architecture, etc.

National: flags, currency, stamps, memorabilia from national celebrations and festivals, language, social structure, economic conditions, heroes and heroines, etc.

Culture: art (pictures of paintings and prints), music (traditional instruments, sheet music, audio materials), literature (folktales, legends, stories, poetry), theater, arts and crafts, sports, religion and other belief systems, medicine, education, occupations, transportations, use of time, etc.
Environment: animals, plants, ecological concerns, climate, geography, etc.

You can also support the Council and our education programs by making a donation and becoming a member.

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