Shawn Daley

Chief Business Development Officer, George Fox University


I support WorldOregon because I believe in fostering global dialogue to facilitate the exchange of ideas helping us reach our potential as a human society.

A favorite place to be is the Hood River fruit loop – my family goes there every Labor Day and its both a nice end to summer and a refreshing visit to one of the lovelier (and tastier) places in Oregon.

A place on my wishlist is Buenos Aires. Since teaching IB History of the Americas as a high school teacher, I have always wanted to travel about Argentina, starting with its capital.  

A person who inspires me is Harry Hopkins.  Yes, the head of the FERA during the New Deal, because he believed that we owe it to each other as American citizens to roll up our sleeves and help each other out, so that everyone could enjoy the bounty of this great country.  And he wasn’t afraid to tell people that he felt that way.

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