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Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai was the founder of the Green Belt Movement, an environmentalist, a civil society and women's rights activist, and a former parliamentarian. She won the Peace Prize in 2004 for what the Nobel committee called “her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace.”

Joy Mabenge

Joy Mabenge is a leading human rights and social justice activist and political analyst.  Currently, he is the acting director of programs for the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for Zimbabwe (IDAZIM). He is a political economist who holds a Masters Degree in Development Studies-Political Economy from the University of Manchester’s Institute for Development Policy and Management.

Robert Maguire

Robert Maguire has previously been asked to share his ideas with Haitian leaders, the US Congress and the Haiti Donor Group. He is fluent in Creole and has visited Haiti over 100 times since he first visited in 1974. He has gone in the capacity of a U.S. government official with the Inter-American foundation and the Department of State, as a scholar and researcher, and always as a friend to Haiti and its people. From 1994–2001, Maguire served as the Coordinator of the Georgetown University Haiti Program, supported by the Ford Foundation, and in December 2001, was awarded a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to continue his policy-related work on Haiti. He became the Director of Programs in International Affairs at Trinity in September 2000.

The Honorable Riffat Masood

Riffat Masood joined the Civil Services of Pakistan in October 1984 as part of the Information Group. She served in the External Publicity Wing of the ministry of Information for two-and-a-half years, before deciding to change her profession. In July 1987, she joined the Foreign Service of Pakistan as a young probationer and has served in various capacities ever since. Her postings include service in the Pakistan High Commission in London, the Pakistan Embassy Paris and in Ankara, Turkey. While posted in Paris, she was also Pakistan’s Deputy Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, gaining expertise in both multilateral and bilateral diplomacy. She served at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi as Political Counselor and later as Deputy High Commissioner. From 1994-1998, Riffat Masood also had the opportunity of working as the Protocol Officer to the Prime Minister. During this period, she served two Prime Ministers, the late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, thereby witnessing from close quarters the functioning of government. She is now on her fifth posting as the Consul General of Pakistan to Los Angeles.

Jessica Tuchman Mathews

Jessica Tuchman Mathews is Distinguished Fellow and former President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. She was a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations from 1993 to 1997 as director of the Council’s Washington program.  In 1993, she also served as deputy to the undersecretary of state for global affairs at the State Department. Prior to that, Mathews was founding vice president and director of research of the World Resources Institute.  She also served as director of the Office of Global Issues of the National Security Council, where she worked on issues including nuclear proliferation, conventional arms sales policy, chemical and biological warfare, and human rights. She earned her BS from Radcliffe College and holds a PhD from the California Institute of Technology.

General Stanley McChrystal

A one-of-a-kind commander with remarkable record of achievement, General Stanley McChrystal (USA, Ret) is widely praised for creating a revolution in warfare that fused intelligence and operations. A four-star general, he is the former commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan and the former commander of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which oversees the military’s most sensitive counter-terrorism units. McChrystal’s leadership of JSOC is credited with the December 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein and the June 2006 location and killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. McChrystal, a former Green Beret, is known for his candor, innovative leadership, and going the distance. Called “one of America’s greatest warriors” by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, few people can speak about leadership, teamwork, and international affairs with as much insight as General Stanley McChrystal.

William McDonough

William McDonough is a globally recognized leader in sustainable development. Trained as an architect, McDonough's interests and influence range widely, and he works at scales from the global to the molecular.

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben

An environmental activist, bestselling author, and “the planet’s best green journalist” (TIME), McKibben is the founder of, the massive grassroots climate change initiative, which has organized 20,000 rallies around the world in every country save North Korea, spearheaded the resistance to the Keystone Pipeline, and launched the fast-growing fossil fuel divestment movement. A former staff writer for New Yorker magazine, he writes frequently for a wide variety of publications around the world, including the New York Review of Books, National Geographic, and Rolling Stone.

Anne McLellan

Academic and politician, Anne McLellan served four terms as a member of the Canadian Parliament from 1993 to 2006. She held several cabinet positions, including Health Minister 2002 - 2003 and Deputy Prime Minister thereafter. Having lost her re-election bid for a fifth term, McLellan returned to the University of Alberta where she had taught law and served as dean prior to her career in government. In 2006 she was appointed Distinguished Scholar in Residence in the newly established Institute of United States Policy Studies. McLellan continues her involvement in health care issues as evidenced by her board position with the royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the Lois Hole Hospital for Women.

Dan McMillan

Dan McMillan holds a PhD in German history from Columbia University and a law degree from Fordham University, and has worked as a history professor and a prosecuting attorney. He lives in New York City.

Martin Meredith

Martin Meredith is a journalist, biographer, and historian who has written extensively on Africa and its recent history. His previous books include Mandela; Mugabe; Diamonds, Gold, and War; Born in Africa; and The Fate of Africa. He lives near Oxford, England.

Christopher Merrill

Christopher Merrill is poet, essayist, journalist and translator. Currently, he serves as director of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. Merrill was a key member of a 2005 Department of State Advisory Committee on Cultural Diplomacy which reviewed the state of America’s  diplomacy and produced a report “Cultural Diplomacy: the Linchpin of Public Diplomacy.” Christopher Merrill has published four collections of poetry, translations; and five books of nonfiction, including the recent Tree of Doves: Ceremony, Expedition, War.

John Mickelthwait

John Micklethwait is the Editor-in-Chief of The Economist. Mr Micklethwait has appeared on radio and television around the world. He has co-authored with Adrian Wooldridge, also an Economist journalist, five books: "The Witch Doctors"; "A Future Perfect: the Challenge and Hidden Promise of Globalisation"; "The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea"; "The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America" and "God is Back: How the Global Rise of Faith is Changing the World".

Robert Miller

Robert Miller is an Associate Professor of Law at the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College where he specializes in Indian Law and Cultural Resources Protection.

Edith Mirante

Edith Mirante has roamed Asia since the early 1980s, collecting information on human rights and environmental issues. In 1986 she founded Project Maje, an independent information project on Burma and she has testified before the US Congress, European Trade Commission and  International Labor Organization. She has lectured at United Nations and Amnesty International events.

Mirante is the author of Burmese Looking Glass: A Human Rights Adventure and Down the Rat Hole: Adventures Underground on Burma’s Frontiers and the recently-published The Wind in the Bamboo, which she researched with travel in Malaysia, India and the Philippines. She was featured with “Burma on the Brink” in the prestigious January Series lectures of Calvin College in 2012 and interviewed on the college’s nationally broadcast Inner Compass TV show. The LA Times has called her writing "a contribution to the literature of human rights and to the literature of high adventure.”

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Mirante lives in an 1895 farmhouse in Sellwood with her husband John Paisley, an advocate for the indigenous people of Borneo.

George Mitchell

George Mitchell represented Maine in the United States Senate for 14 years, the last six as Majority Leader, the second most powerful elected official in the United States.  At the request of the British and Irish Governments, George Mitchell served as Chairman of the International Commission on Disarmament in Northern Ireland, and as Chairman of the subsequent peace negotiations. Under his leadership the governments of Ireland and the United Kingdom agreed to an historic accord, ending decades of conflict.


Azadeh Moaveni

Azadeh Moaveni, long time Middle East correspondent for Time magazine, who returned to Iran in 2005 to cover the rise of President Mohmoud Ahmadinejad. Mingling with underground artists, scholars and young radicals, she explores the frustrations of Iran's next generation and frustrations with the Islamic system. She discovers a nation far more complex than that portrayed in the US media—a people yearning for more freedom and contact with the west yet filled with nationalist spirit and genuine economic grievances. And then, she falls in love with a young Iranian man, gets married and has a child.

Alexander Montgomery-Amo

Alexander H. Montgomery is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Reed College has published articles on dismantling proliferation networks and on the effects of social networks of international organizations on interstate conflict. His research interests include political organizations, social networks, weapons of mass disruption and destruction, social studies of technology, and interstate social relations.

Andrew Moravcsik

Andrew Moravcsik is a Professor of Politics and International Affairs and Director of the European Union Program at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School. From 1992–2004, he held similar positions at Harvard University. He has written extensively on European integration, transatlantic relations, international organization, the democratic legitimacy of multilateral institutions, and global human rights. He is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institution and Contributing Editor of Newsweek Magazine. He writes regularly for Financial Times, Prospect, and Foreign Affairs among others.

Evgeny Morozov

Evgeny Morozov is the author of The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom (which was the winner of the 2012 Goldsmith Book Prize) and a contributing editor for The New Republic. In 2011 he was a visiting scholar at Stanford University and a Schwartz fellow at the New America Foundation, as well as a Yahoo! fellow at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University and a fellow at George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Before moving to the US, Morozov was based in Berlin and Prague, where he was Director of New Media at Transitions Online, a media development NGO active in 29 countries of the former Soviet bloc. Morozov’s writings have appeared in The New York Times, London Review of Books, Financial Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Slate, Le Monde, Foreign Policy, and many other publications. He has been featured on TED and has appeared on CNN, CBS, Al Jazeera International, NPR, and the BBC, among many others.

Dan Morrison

Dan Morrison graduated with a degree in photojournalism from the University of Texas in 1984. He received his Masters degree from the LBJ School of Public Affairs in 1994. After working as a stringer for the Associated Press for four years, Morrison began working for magazines as a writer-photographer and worked in over 31 foreign countries, including five war zones. He has filed online stories from several countries including Australia, Morocco, Mongolia, and Patagonia. In 2000 Morrison accompanied an expedition to Mt. Everest and filed online stories for over two months from base camp as the expedition put two climbers on the summit.

Michael Mosettig

Michael D. Mosettig is Senior Producer for Foreign Affairs and Defense at the PBS NewsHour (previously the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour), a post he has held since December 1985. He is a two-time Emmy winner for coverage of the Middle East in 1997 and Pakistan in 2007 and was an Emmy nominee in 1986, 1994 and 2009. Previously he was a producer for NBC News in Washington, New York, Cairo and London as well as a correspondent for UPI in London and Brussels.

Consul General Pierre-François Mourier

As Consul General of France in San Francisco, Pierre-François Mourrier is responsible for a large consular district that includes Oregon, Washington, Utah, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, as well as the Pacific Islands under U.S. jurisdiction such as Guam and Samoa.

In 1991 Mr. Mourier became cultural attaché in New York where he was in charge of the promotion of French books in the United States. Appointed in 2002 as a member of the Conseil d'État, Mr. Mourier was in charge of secondary and higher education and research. From 2004 to 2005 he worked with François Fillon, then Minister of Education, on reforming the French national research system.

In 2005, Mr. Mourier joined the staff of the French President of the Republic where he was senior adviser for studies and speeches, then senior adviser for education and culture. He was appointed Consul General to San Francisco in 2007.

Amre Moussa

Amr Moussa is an Egyptian diplomat, former secretary-general of the Arab League and candidate for Egypt’s next presidential election.

Bill Moyers

A broadcast journalist for more than four decades, Bill Moyers has been recognized as one of the unique voices of our times, one that resonates with multiple generations. In January 2012, at the age of 77, Moyers began his latest media venture with the launch of Moyers & Company on air and online at – providing “conversations on democracy” and explorations of contemporary culture, making sense of what matters to us all.

With his wife and creative partner, Judith Davidson Moyers, Bill Moyers has produced such groundbreaking public affairs series as Bill Moyers Journal, as well as  notable productions like the landmark 1988 series, Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, Healing and the Mind, On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying, Faith & Reason, and Moyers on America, among other acclaimed programs..

Moyers began his journalism career at age 16 as a cub reporter for his hometown daily newspaper in Marshall, Texas. He was a founding organizer and deputy director of the Peace Corps and special assistant to President Lyndon B. Johnson. Moyers served as Johnson’s press secretary from 1965 to 1967.

As publisher of Newsday from 1967 to 1970, Moyers brought aboard writers including Pete Hamill, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Saul Bellow, and led the paper to two Pulitzer Prizes. In 1976, he was the senior correspondent for the distinguished documentary series CBS Reports and later a senior news analyst for The CBS Evening News.

For his work, Bill Moyers has received more than 30 Emmys, two prestigious Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia University Awards, nine Peabodys, and three George Polk Awards. A Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, he also received the Career Achievement Award from the International Documentary Association and has been honored by the Television Critics Association for outstanding career achievement. In 1996, he received the Charles Frankel Prize (now the National Humanities Medal) from the National Endowment for the Humanities “for outstanding contributions to American cultural life.” In 2005, Moyers received the PEN USA Courageous Advocacy Award for his passionate, outspoken commitment to freedom of speech and his dedication to journalistic integrity.

Married for more than 55 years, Judith and Bill Moyers have three grown children and five grandchildren.  

Ahmed Muddassar

Mr. Ahmed is the Chief Executive Officer of Unitas Communications, a leading Public Affairs company in the U.K. He has worked as a freelance TV producer for the BBC and Channel 4. For the Islam Channel he presented the “Politics and Beyond” show from 2006-2008. He is a Director of the Newham Public Affairs Committee, the Adab Trust, and a member of the steering group for Mosaic: The Muslim Network founded by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. He is also a graduate of the Oxford Leadership Program.

Sherry Mueller

Sherry L. Mueller was the Executive Director and now President since 2001 at the National Council for International Visitors (NCIV). She has taught as at the School of International Service, American University from 1981-1989, pioneering the first course on U.S. Public Diplomacy. Sherry has served as an Experiment Leader to the former Soviet Union, an English Language Officer for the U.S. Department of State, a lecturer at the University of Rhode Island, and a consultant to a variety of organizations, including the U.S. Department of State.

President Pervez Musharraf

As a nuclear power bordered by Afghanistan, China, Iran, and India, Pakistan’s global strategic importance cannot be overstated. Pervez Musharraf was President of Pakistan at the time of the September 11 attacks and growing Muslim militancy; Time magazine described him as having “the most dangerous job in the world.” Although President Musharraf became the United States’ chief ally in the region in the struggle against Al Qaeda and global terror, he was the victim of two assassination attempts and his internal policies alienated Islamic fundamentalists.

Mikhail Myagkov

Dr. Mikhail G. Myagkov is an extensively published professor for the Department of Political Science, the Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences and the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Oregon. His particular research and teaching interests include Formal Political Theory, Comparative Politics, and Russian Politics, among others.

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