Sydney Odell

marketing & communications coordinator


I am part of WorldOregon because a previous recipient of generous international exchanges, I have a responsibility to extend the ladder and highlight opportunities for similar trans-formative experiences abroad.
A place on my wishlist: ...Ecuador! I'd love to visit the Galápagos Islands and learn more about our planet's breathtaking biodiversity.
Languages I speak: ...English, French, Turkish and Farsi--quite often mixed together in an entirely new language only my cats truly understand.
I am most proud of...choosing to love, listen, and trust others in these polarized and uncertain times. 

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“Oregon is better because of the dialogue sparked by WorldOregon programs—and my life is enriched by the knowledge and friendships I've gained by being a member. WorldOregon gives me hope for our global future!” - Yassi Irajpanah, Member & Supporter