Max Garcia

UO Portland Internship Experience

[email protected]

About Max Garcia:

Project I work on at WorldOregon: Marketing/Communications and Statewide Engagement

My University: University of Oregon

Major/Minor: Global Studies and Romance Languages

Current/Previous work experience: United Nations Association,

Future Career Goals: For career goals, I generally am not sure which direction I want to go. A dream of mine has been to involve myself in politics, but frankly, as an adult, it's been difficult to pinpoint exactly what subsect of politics I want to get into; I'm not quite sure if I have the politician's charm nor the personal ethical convictions to do something like lobbying.

A favorite place to be of mine to be is anywhere in nature, I love the calmness of places untouched by urbanization. 

My hidden talent or superpower is that I'm a bit of a renaissance man (jack of all trades). I dabble in hobbies from woodworking to baking to playing instruments to biking to sewing.

A place on my bucket list, for sure, would be the fjords of Norway; I love when green forests and cliffs go straight into the sea.

About the UO Portland Internship Experience:

This is WorldOregon's first year partnering with University of Oregon for their Portland Internship Experience program. Interns that participate in this program will get to work at a small business, non-profit, educational, and/or civic agencies that are owned by people who have been historically underrepresented or disadvantaged and organizations committed to racial or social justice. As we continue our work to authentically and responsibly live out our mission on a diversity, equity, and inclusion journey, we are honored to participate in this program and grow alongside the community in a commitment to racial and social justice here in Oregon and around the world.

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