Young Professionals Steering Committee Seeks New Members!

The WorldOregon Young Professionals Steering Committee is looking for new volunteer Committee members! Join a team of like-minded professionals to help organize events that connect Oregonians with the people, places, and ideas that are shaping our global future. 

Application Deadline: OPEN APPLICATION PROCESS (ongoing)

Interested applicants should send their resume and a brief letter of interest highlighting your qualifications to: [email protected] 

Committee Eligibility: 

  • 21-40 years old;
  • Express interest in global affairs;
  • Attend monthly YP Steering Committee meetings and YP events;
  • Contribute skills in at least one of the following areas:
    • event coordination,
    • social media/marketing,
    • partnership development,
    • facilitation,
    • innovative programming;
  • Represent WorldOregon at WorldOregon and partner events;
  • Commit to a 2-year term.

Position Description:

The WorldOregon Young Professionals (YP) program is a branch of WorldOregon’s Global Conversations public programs. The Young Professionals community shares an interest in learning about the world, traveling or working abroad, networking with visionary leaders, and expanding their knowledge of global affairs. While YP programming is targeted to the interests and lifestyles of early- to mid-career professionals, YP events are open to anyone! From discussion groups to trivia nights, guest presenters to international visitor receptions, the Young Professionals connect Oregon’s globally minded community with each other and the world.

Young Professionals Steering Committee: The WorldOregon Young Professionals programming is led by a volunteer steering committee (YP Committee). The YP Committee helps fulfill WorldOregon’s mission by putting on events, engaging new and diverse audiences in WorldOregon programming, and cultivating new community partners. The YP Committee convenes on a periodic basis for the purpose of planning YP-branded events and providing ideas and advice to WorldOregon staff concerning programming, partnerships, and communication.

Committee members are expected to contribute to the work of the YP Committee in a manner that fits their individual skill-sets and which they feel comfortable with. This may include, but is not limited to, helping plan events, drafting social media and/or email content, facilitating discussions, reaching out to community partners, or contributing ideas to WorldOregon staff. A diversity of skills among YP Committee members is ideal. The work of the YP Committee is never stagnant: new ideas, programs, events, and initiatives are always welcome and should be open to consideration by the other YP Committee members and WorldOregon staff.  

The YP Committee is a collaborative group where exchange of ideas and debate is welcome. Members are expected to be civil, considerate of other points of view, actively listen to each other, and ultimately work together constructively. Members should consider themselves ambassadors of WorldOregon and strive to represent the organization in a positive way to the community.

Members of the YP Committee volunteer their time and talents to WorldOregon. There is no expectation for compensation in any form as a result of YP Committee involvement.

Benefits of YP Committee Membership: Involvement on the YP Committee is a unique opportunity to shape, inform, and implement the programming of WorldOregon. Committee members get to interact with other like-minded, globally engaged young professionals, collaborate with world-class staff, inform the community about the wider world, and stay abreast of topical, global issues. They also get unique access to exclusive WorldOregon events all while fulfilling an ethical desire to be involved and make the world a better, more connected place.

YP Committee Structure: the YP Committee is made up of 8-12 volunteers and one WorldOregon staff representative (the YP Committee liaison).

YP Committee Commitment: Members serve a two-year term with the option to continue for a second two-year term. Based on the needs of the committee, and at the discretion of the YP Committee Chair, an exception can be made to allow members to serve an additional third two-year term.

YP Committee Eligibility: Members of the YP Committee must be a minimum of 21 years old upon joining, with the possible exception of up to two committee positions held by “junior members” who are a minimum of 18 years old upon joining. All committee members must have an express interest in international affairs and be willing to actively contribute time and energy to carrying out the work of the committee.

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