WorldOregon is proud to work with over 600 community partners each year in a variety of industries. Partners provide their expertise, share resources, provide in-kind contributions, co-promote events, and much more. These organizations help promote our mission of connecting Oregonians to the world--and each other. There are many ways you can get involved and start partnering with WorldOregon!


Global Conversations

Our Global Conversations programs puts on nearly 40 public events each year with speakers, academics, politicians, and community leaders focused on international issues. Our events are varied to help audiences understand the inter-sectional nature of international affairs + local initiatives. Partnering with WorldOregon can help expand your organization's visibility in the community while also gaining access to exclusive global speakers. Our Global Conversations program welcomes co-sponsored events and is open to any invitations for new venue spaces.


"My work as a photojournalist exposes me to seeing things that are usually invisible to many of my fellow citizens. I have several times given talks for WorldOregon about humanitarian crises I have covered overseas. Knowing that I may present a talk on such events to a cosmopolitan audience reinforces my intention to show images of both the small and the large scale of distress of our fellow humans."  --John Rudoff, Photojournalist


If your organization would like to be a Global Conversations partner, please contact:

Tim DuRoche, Director of Public Programs

[email protected]  |  (503) 306-5261 

Global Classroom

Our Global Classroom program provides educational materials and workshops to help celebrate diversity in our local schools and community. Our Young Leaders in Action program facilitates monthly leadership trainings for Portland metro area youth to explore global topics and network with local organizations and businesses. With teacher professional development we partner with schools and organizations to provide unique professional development opportunities that address cross-cultural awareness and understanding. Learn how you can get involved with our education programs to promote the next generation of global citizens! 


"The most interesting aspect of the [Understanding Islam] workshop was hearing from the panel of youth, sharing their perspectives and experiences about how they navigate layered identities as Muslim American teenagers who are committed to social justice, education, and being strong ambassadors for their communities. I was very inspired by them." -Djamila Moore, Grow Portland 


If your organization would like to be a Global Classroom partner, please contact:


Samara Chism Winfield, Global Classrooms Manager

[email protected]  |  (503) 306-5296 


International Visitor Program

Our International Visitor program welcomes over 600 visitors from 100 countries around the world to participate in professional leadership exchanges each year. Our team works hard to craft a unique itinerary of meetings, workshops, trainings, and action projects so our international visitors during their visit. WorldOregon is the only community partner to work with the U.S. State Department to facilitate these types of exchanges in Oregon.

As a partner, you help our visitors to learn best practices, share resources, and sometimes collaborate on projects for a truly global impact. From helping social media influencers from Sri Lanka learn how to monetize their business to empowering Pan-Africa Youth to start recycling centers in their home cities, you can be a part of their professional journey when you partner with the WorldOregon International Visitor Program.


"Hosting Young Leaders of the Americas Fellows was a great experience for me personally, but also for our whole team. It was fun to have a fresh personality, gave our employees the ability to share their job roles and learn from having a new perspective on running a food business.” -Lisa Herlinger, Founder of Ruby Jewel Ice Cream


If your organization would like to be an International Visitor Program partner, please contact:

Amy Barss, Director of the International Visitor Program

[email protected]  |  (503) 306-5291



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