We turn strangers into friends, youth into leaders, mentors into learners, and opinions into questions.


The world is more connected than ever before. At the same time, fear and misunderstanding continue to cause harm—in our own region and across the globe. But we believe there are solutions.

We believe that deeper global understanding is essential to a more peaceful world.
We believe that cross-cultural learning propels us towards a more innovative future.
We believe that Oregon can be the hub where world-changing connections begin and thrive!


Our mission is to broaden and deepen public awareness and understanding of international affairs, engaging Oregonians with the world—and with each other. WorldOregon programs keep Oregonians connected to the people, places, and ideas that are shaping our shared global future.


The World Affairs Council of Oregon was founded in 1950 when an informal group of Reed College professors and friends came together to discuss international issues. After World War II, isolationist sentiments were taking hold across the United States. The group wanted to preserve a platform for deeper understanding of world affairs. They worked to ensure that Oregonians resisted isolationist trends, providing resources for internationally-focused engagement for residents in our region.

Under the leadership of Dr. Frank Munk, in 1953 the World Affairs Council of Oregon officially received its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We joined the World Affairs Council of America network of almost 90 nonprofit, nonpartisan councils focused on public programs and education located in 41 states. We also joined the Global Ties U.S. network of over 80 community-based members focused on hosting international visitors in 44 states. We are the only such member of either network serving the State of Oregon.

In 2017, we changed our name to WorldOregon with a new vision for the future. We look forward to continuously evolving to meet the needs of the community we serve as we work to prepare the next generation of informed global citizens. 


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