Paula Kinney

executive coach, pmk consulting

I support WorldOregon because it has given me the opportunity to learn about people from diverse countries, cultures, ethnicities, faiths, and philosophies. This has ignited in me a deep appreciation and respect for our differences.
My true calling is to fulfill God's gift of loving to inspire students, who have had difficulty in school, to develop a deep love of learning and enjoy their educational experience.
I am most proud of the accomplishments of my daughters.
Other causes that I am most passionate about: education and health—especially advocating for the underserved to receive the best education or healthcare they need and deserve.

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“Oregon is better because of the dialogue sparked by WorldOregon programs—and my life is enriched by the knowledge and friendships I've gained by being a member. WorldOregon gives me hope for our global future!” - Yassi Irajpanah, Member & Supporter