Young Professionals

Young Professionals is a vibrant community of early to mid-career Oregonians who are passionate about global issues.

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Young Professionals share an interest in learning about the world, traveling abroad, networking with visionary leaders, and expanding their knowledge of global affairs. Events are open to anyone! From discussion groups to trivia nights, guest presenters to international visitor receptions, Young Professionals connect Oregon’s globally-minded community with each other and the world.

Things we do:

  • Every other Wednesday... Join us for Discussion Group! Check our events page and join the YP Facebook Group for regular updates.
  • Last Tuesdays…Join us for CULT—a text-speak acronym for "C U Last Tuesday" every month!
  • Every 3 months…Join us for International Trivia Night!

Meet the Young Professionals Steering Committee Members:

Nav Dayanand
Director of Federal Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy in Oregon
Twitter: @NavDayanand

I support WorldOregon because we have more in common than our differences might otherwise suggest and WorldOregon opens doors for Oregonians to explore the world. 
My true calling: To be an advocate for those voices unheard or left behind.
A favorite place to be: I love Rome! It is a labyrinth of culture, history, art and for me, the comfort of deep personal relationships. I currently study Italian at the Scuola Italiana di Portland.
I am most proud of: being a loyal friend, remaining curious and prioritizing fun.
A place on my wishlist: Nizigoan, Myanmar where my grandmother was born and raised.



Raj Dogra
Technical Leader, Hyster-Yale

I support WorldOregon because I support the leadership it fosters in the fields of racial equality and cultural awareness.
I also support: My family’s nonprofit, tutoring refugee kids, OPB.
I speak: Hindi, Punjabi, English, and a little Dutch and Spanish.
I am most proud of: Being at a place in my life where I can travel and explore freely and buying my folks an abode on the hills which they could never afford. 


Beth Fitch
Direct Response and Midlevel Giving Officer, Mercy Corps

I support WorldOregon because I believe the more you know about the world, the more you will love and care for the people and places in it.
Other places I’ve worked: WorldOregon and the International Republican Institute.
A favorite place to be: Outside on a warm, sunny day.
On my wishlist: Argentina, Japan, Peru, Tanzania, Hong Kong, South Africa, India ... too many to list!


Taylor Gibson
Fundraising Development Associate, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
Twitter: @10tlgibs

I support WorldOregon because their work is more important than ever before.
I also support: The International Rescue Committee, Latino Network, Black Lives Matter, NAYA, the Children’s Book Bank. 
My true calling: United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights…or Dachshund Wrangler.
A place on my wish list: South Africa.



Jennifer Elizabeth Hatton
Programs Officer and Community Outreach Coordinator, African Road

I support WorldOregon because it provides an unparalleled opportunity to engage in international affairs and be a global citizen right here in Oregon.
Other places I’ve worked: Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda, Legislative Assistant for Australian Member of State Parliament. 
My true calling: Cat video curator 😻
My superpower or hidden talent: Winning at Humdingers in Cranium


Steven Jonas
Senior Editor and Information Architect, Quantified Self
Twitter: @skjonas

I support WorldOregon because we become better versions of ourselves when we are exposed to the world.
Languages I speak: My German is at an intermediate level (B2).
A person who inspires me: I am continually inspired by Piotr Wozniak, creator of SuperMemo.
A favorite place: Reading in my backyard hammock.


Jason Little
District Aide, Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Twitter: @Jason_Little

I support WorldOregon because the more engagement & understanding Oregonians have with people and issues outside our state, the better off we are.
Other places I've worked: Portland Business Alliance.
I also support: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Linfield College, League of Women Voters, good journalism.
A favorite place to be: In a WorldOregon board meeting.



Libby Martin
Consultant, Robert Glavin Inc.

I support WorldOregon because their work is dynamic, relevant, and necessary.
My true calling: Jigsaw puzzle tester.
A place on my wishlist: Antarctica, my last continent!
A person who inspires me: R. Buckminster Fuller.



Leana Mayzlina
Senior Digital Inclusion Manager, NTEN
Twitter: @LeanaMayz

I support WorldOregon because I believe that the greatest path to global peace and understanding is through building personal relationships with diverse individuals and communities.
One of my most interesting jobs was working for Chile's Ministry of Social Development on international cooperation programs for poverty alleviation.
My true calling: Starting an animal rescue out in the country, and accumulating a constantly-evolving motley crew of critters.
Languages I speak: Russian, Spanish, (some) Portuguese, and English.


Jeff_Renfro.jpgJeff Renfro
Principal Budget Analyst, Multnomah County 
Vice Chair, Young Professionals Committee
Twitter: @jeff_renfro

I support WorldOregon because it provides Oregonians with a better understanding of their place in the world and I get to meet all sorts of interesting people.
Other causes I support: Decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and increasing political participation and accountability.
A place on my wishlist: I'd like to hike Hadrian's Wall.
A person who inspires me: Ludwig Wittgenstein.



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“Oregon is better because of the dialogue sparked by WorldOregon programs—and my life is enriched by the knowledge and friendships I've gained by being a member. WorldOregon gives me hope for our global future!” - Yassi Irajpanah, Member & Supporter