Young Professionals

The WorldOregon Young Professionals share an interest in learning about the world, traveling abroad, networking with visionary leaders, and expanding their knowledge of global affairs.


Events are open to anyone! From discussion groups to trivia nights, guest presenters to international visitor receptions, the WorldOregon Young Professionals connect Oregon’s globally minded community with each other and the world.

Activities include

  • Longreads Discussion Group (Monthly) 
  • International Trivia (Quarterly)



Meet the Young Professionals Steering Committee


Nav Dayanand

Jason Little

Steven Jonas 

Jennifer Hatton 

Director of Federal Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy District Aide, Congressman Earl Blumenauer Senior Editor and Information Architect, Quantified Self Programs Officer and Community Outreach Coordinator, African Road
A place on my wishlist: Nizigoan, Myanmar where my grandmother was born and raised. I also support: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Linfield College, League of Women Voters, good journalism. Other Languages I speak: Besides my first language of English, I also speak German at an intermediate level (B2). Other places I’ve worked: Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda, Legislative Assistant for Australian Member of State Parliament. 





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“Oregon is better because of the dialogue sparked by WorldOregon programs—and my life is enriched by the knowledge and friendships I've gained by being a member. WorldOregon gives me hope for our global future!” - Yassi Irajpanah, Member & Supporter